Friday, 11 April 2014

DIY BABIES: The Flare Dress with Tutorial.

This post was shared at Icandy Handmade. For DIY Babies series going on there.

 I want to assume that a mother with a baby/infant do not have much time in their hands for other things apart from the baby hence fast and simple projects is desirable
I am going to be showing you a little tutorial on how to convert the basic top pattern for a girl into a flare dress or top with only one closure at the back.

This dress was made for a one year old princess!

1. Take a basic front and back pattern fro a top bodice in the size you require, place this on your folded fabric. Determine the extra length you require for your dress, e.g.
Total length needed is 13". Length from shoulder to armhole is already 4" all you need to add is extra 9" to add to the pattern. Using a ruler draw a slant from the point where armhole ends down 9"
Measuring from the same line of the armhole keep marking the 9" mark on the fabric until you get to the end. This gives you a slant curve (as in picture below)

Slant line and curve drawn. Note: The back pattern in picture is of various sizes so it looks bigger than fabric cut out. I traced out the correct size.

(Note: Different fabric but same procedure)
2. You now have your two fabric pieces if both cut on a fold. Join shoulder seams together
3. Turn the armhole in about 1/4" and stitch down

4. Join the side seams.
5. Turn the hem under once and sew. (For this illustration I used a velvet fabric which meant there was no fraying involved. That's why I just turn under once to sew the armhole, neckline and hem! Just like for a knit fabric.

6. I cut an opening at the back for easy wearing and taking off. Finish the edge using a piece of the fabric as in when sewing on a bias binding. then finish the neckline also by turning in once and sewing.
I then used a press stud snap popper for the back closure.

7. For decorative purposes only, I cut stripes of the fabric and sewed this on at the hem, I then pulled the ribbon through it and stitched down the ribbon all the way round the edge avoiding the belt loops.

Dress can be tied into a bow or in my own case I cut the extra ribbon off and just made a little flat bow in front.

I must say that since this dress is cut on a bias, the ribbon is completely straight so I had to iron it down to sit well round the dress. If it was a rectangular cut skirt or dress this ribbon trim will work better.
I made this white top below for my daughter. It turned out OK but next time I will make a flutter sleeve instead of a flared one like I did here.

So there you have it. A dress made in little or no time!
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Guest Posting at Icandy Handmade: DIY Babies

I will be guest posing today at Icandy Handmade  talking about how to derive a pattern for this baby dress.

Visit Icandy DIY Babies  to see what it is all about. There is also an associated giveaway going on right now.
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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Black and white skirt (Tutorial)

I love making elastic waist skirt. This is the best type of skirt for growing girls, its also comfortable and could last for years if the length is right.

Lets quickly make one together.
You'll need two pieces of fabric.
I used the black and white check (35" width and 10" long) and the black (55" width 5" long)
My daughters waist is 20" and I wanted a finished length of 12" or 13"
Depending on how snug you want the top piece to be you could make the width much smaller say 30" or even 26"
only rule is that bottom piece of fabric needs to be longer than top piece because it is going to be gathered into it.

We now have two long pieces.
Take the top piece and sew the ends together to form like a circle, finish you seam allowance either by using a zigzag stitch or your overlocker. this is to prevent fraying.
Also overlock or finish however desired the top edge where your elastic casing will be.
My elastic is 1" so I just folded over the top piece a little more than the 1" and sewed it down leaving an opening for the elastic to go in.
Since my daughters waist is 20" I made the elastic 18" long and this normally gives a comfortable fit.

I put the elastic through using a pin and sewed the elastic ends together, I then sewed the opening close.
Top bit done.

I then hemmed the bottom of the black piece and sewed a gathering stitch to the top, I then pulled the bottom thread to form the gathers. The ends of fabric is also sewn together to form like a circle
Putting the black piece into he check right sides touching i then sewed the two in place.
There you have it. Your new fancy skirt.

This could be varied in length in relation to the two fabrics. In picture below the top part of the skirt has been made considerably shorter than the bottom layer.

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Yellow Rosette Birthday Dress

It's another birthday!! God is faithful, what else can I say. I try my best but He does the keeping!
Saw this yellow rosette fabric and fell in love with it. Decided on this simple combination with a yellow duchess satin for the top bodice.
I figured since this rose fabric can't be hemmed, I just added about 4" more than I needed in length  and folded it inside and hand hemmed it to the skirt.
Added a 1.5" band to the waistline, on which I then glued on 6 triangle glass diamanté 
Added a tulle underskirt for fullness. 

The frown is caused by the glare from the sun!

Can you spot the girl playing in the background?

The girl who still had her necklace...

'I am very strong'
There you have it. Our birthday dress!
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