Thursday, 14 March 2013

Purple flower dress

Ok, what's not to like about this fabric. Actually got it about a year ago, and decided to wait until the perfect style came along. At the end of the day I just decided on a basic bodice and a circle skirt. :)
The sleeves have been feature here. It's from burdastyle 9564.
This sleeves can be adapted from any long sleeve pattern. Just add 2" to both sides of the sleeve hem, this will increase the width at the end of the sleeves. I sewed a 6" elastic to the end of the sleeves after hemming it as normal.

I'm jumping high...
So excited to be outside with a jacket. The sun was out and it seemed quite warm.
The flower in the middle of the waist sash was 'borrowed' from a store bought dress.

Picking stones ...

The all important back view.

She insisted on wearing the socks... :) it doesn't exactly go with the outfit.

Thanks for coming around here.


  1. Pretty! I have this pattern. I've been wanting to sew it..thanks for the motivation!

    1. You are welcome. Both patterns are really good, both the dress pattern butterick 4967 and sleeve pattern. Regards send a link so I can see your finished dress.:-)


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