Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dresses and recent happenings...

I lost my sewing mojo. Didn't believe it could happen to me !!!!
Will tell you the circumstances surrounding my loss after showing you these dresses.

Found this fabric and it was screaming 'Get me for the girls'!! so I said OK.
When I gave the dress to them they just fell in love with it. 

Decided to eliminate the step of putting in a short sleeve so I decided to use this Tutorial by Marnae from the Powell Family when she guest posted on Project run and Play  to add capped sleeve to the pattern I used.
 By the way I used Simplicity 2828 for the top bodice, the sweetheart neckline version.
Used a navy blue velvet ribbon as the belt and four purple buttons at the back of the dress.
Only the top bodice is lined.

Made this dress for my sister. Using a simplicity princess seam top bodice pattern. 

 Used the same pattern for myself but I did a bit of slashing and spreading the neckline to add the subtle pleats to the neckline just for variation.

OK about the sewing mojo. So somewhere along the line I decided my bernina (personally don't know what the hype is all about with this machine model) and my other sewing machines wasn't keeping up to speed with me, and I might break them from overuse since I am always on my machines. ( I might be well wrong but thankfully wont find that out) because I started researching industrial machines.. Yes you read right.
One faithful day a little over a month ago I visited a machine dealer and tested out different industrial machines. My sewing mojo to get on my domestic machine at home was lost immediately. It was a 'wow moment' for me. 
Now in the process of getting my new industrial machine delivered. Will be doing a blog post on this machine.
My husband even allowed me my own sewing space since my new machine will be needing its own space. 
I didn't just go for any industrial, I went for a high spec machine costing more than twice my 'expensive bernina'  

Stay tuned and I might be able to convince you to go get one.
Anyone with an industrial machine out there, what do you think?

Thanks for dropping by...


  1. Please post your findings on the industrial machine. I am really wanting one and I have a lot of questions. BTW, the dresses are beautiful.

  2. Thanks. Will definitely do. Should arrive in a week, will make somethings on it and post a full review. :-)

  3. I never would have imagined this beautiful colorful children's dress from the pattern 2828. I'm always amazed by creative people that can see a vision beyond what is dictated in a pattern. I'm so point a to point b and wish I wasn't! All of these dresses are gorgeous - you are very talented. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks a lot. Been to your site and saw some lovely dresses. I feel the same way when I see what other people make. I use pinterest a lot for ideas am ashamed of myself. In my defense I do have some original designs coming up soon...

  4. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)


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